Body Reboot

To complement ISM, Body Reboot, a comprehensive sports recovery center is located within the Shin Center. Body Reboot utilizes cutting-edge, advanced recovery modalities such as FloatPod, Cryosauna, BEMER, BioMat, PowerPlate, Normatec, Salt Booth, and more. These modalities that pros use are now accessible to all!




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Floatpod is a float unit utilizing Restrictive Environmental Stimulation Treatment (REST). It is a self contained, high magnesium salt water unit - a pod - where you are completely floating. The salt density level in a floatpod is like the Dead Sea which allows your body to float freely. Because you are floating without any effort, your central nervous system can take a break from paying attention to gravity. The benefits of floating are many: decrease of cortisol levels, absorption of magnesium, release of endorphins, improves recovery, reduction of stress, and more. Our pod - DreamPod V-Max is the largest pod in the current market and it allows athletes and non-athletes of any size to enjoy floating comfortably. Floatpods have gained popularity among many high profile athletes.




Normatec is a pneumatic sequential pulsing device placed on your extremities and/or hips. It improves circulation by flushing out lactic acids and inflammation. It speeds up recovery, decreases muscle soreness, and increase lightness in the muscles.




BioMat utilizes Amethyst crystals with far-infrared signals that increase negative ions. Negative ions increase circulation by bringing nutrients/oxygen to soft tissue and stimulate detoxification. It decreases body stiffness, aids in relaxation of muscles, and decreases stress signals to your body.


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SALT Booth

Salt Booth uses a halogenerator to aerosolize purified (99.9%) salt. When inhaled, these micro-particles attach to toxins/pathogens from the respiratory system and initiates a detoxification pathway. Being surrounded by salt, a negative ion, produces improved health benefits similar to being in ocean air.




BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) is a next generation of PEMF (Pulse Electric Magnetic Frequency) treatment. It increases microcirculation by producing improved oxygenation in cells. It helps to balance the autonomic nervous system to produce a homeostatic state. It also aids in activation of your lymphatic system.




PowerPlate is a whole body vibration plate utilizing G-Forces applied to the body. It increases circulation by influencing the lymphatic system through harmonic vibrations. It has synergistic effects when used with integrative treatment modalities, Floatpod, Cryosauna, BEMER, Salt Booth, Normatec, BioMat and more.


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Cryosauna is a cryo recovery modality that utilizes gaseous liquid Nitrogen to produce controlled hypothermia. Within 3 minutes, compared with traditional ice baths for 15 to 20 minutes, you get a core hypothermia - Another reason why so many pro teams currently use it as one of their main recovery tools. Now, new to this area, we have the Cryosense®, the next-generation cryosauna - the first unit to deliver both cryotherapy and heat in a single unit for a contrasting effect. Increasing maximal circulation and decreasing inflammation are the targets of cryosauna.