Chronic Pain


L.R., Age 41 Psychologist

Enjoys: Casual Sports

Condition: Chronic Pain - Head, Arms, Neck, Face (onset 18 years old)


Since 18 years old, L.R. suffered from chronic head, arms, neck, and face pain. She tried pain management all her life and was on lots of medications. However, none of the medications worked for her. They only gave her bad reactions. She tried epidurals but they made her have spinal fluid leak. 

L.R. found Dr.Shin through a family member. Dr.Shin was different. He listened to L.R. Other doctors used to dismiss her and told her that the pain was from stress. After seeing Dr.Shin, he improved the quality of her life.L.R. had been living with this pain for over 20 years! 

“I am able to be a mom and wife again. He (Dr.Shin) made my life whole.”

Dr.Shin’s ISM (Integrative Sports Medicine) treatments helped L.R. hold her child again and function around the house. She went back to work as a psychologist. She is able to be social again and be happy.

L.R. comes for maintenance visits.

Sung Choi