Thigh and Abdominal Muscle Strain


I.H., Age 34 Painter

Enjoys: Hiking

Condition: Thigh and Abdominal Muscle Strain


I.H. started seeing Dr.Shin after he strained his left thigh muscles and abdominal muscles at work. He missed 2 weeks of work due to pain and inability to walk. 

I.H.’s wife is Dr.Shin’s patient and suggested I.H. see Dr.Shin. After getting the history, Dr.Shin  found that old injuries were aggravated when the work incident took place. Dr.Shin reset I.H.’s muscles to allow them to move and get better circulation.

“I’m really thankful for his(Dr.Shin) compassion and how he treats people in pain. He helps my body heal naturally.”

I.H. is back to work and has better endurance. Dr.Shin’s ISM (Integrative Sports Medicine) helped to heal I.H. faster. I.H. comes in for maintenance visits. 

Sung Choi