Herniated L5-S1, Immune System Shot


G.S., Age 40 Producer/Director of Photography

Enjoys: Softball and Working Out

Condition: Herniated L5-S1, Immune System Shot


G.S. was a healthy active man until one day he wasn’t. He lost about 80 pounds, his skin became grey, and his immune system was shot. Dr’s couldn’t pinpoint the cause and he became depressed.

G.S. was also suffering from multiple herniated and bulging discs in his back. Dr’s prescribed Narcotics and muscle relaxers which were no help, he had 5-7 epidurals that didn’t work, and aqua therapy provided minimal relief.  He was told he would never hold a camera and work again. 

“Dr. Shin and his team have given me the ability to live my life the way I did before my injury and for that I am eternally grateful.”

After suffering for a year and a half, G.S. came to see Dr. Shin after being referred by his father. G.S. had finally found some relief. Dr. Shin was able to help turn G.S.’s life around with diet change and healthy nutritional supplements. His treatments have allowed G.S. to return to his job 100%. He recently climbed a 350 ft Sequoia to film a documentary, something he wouldn’t have been able to do in the past.G.S. is once again healthy and happy.

He credits  Dr. Shin in helping him attain his current title of Director of Photography for National Geographic.

G.S. comes in for maintenance when he isn’t traveling the world!

Sung Choi