Cluster Migraines


E.F., Age 71 Retired Teacher

Enjoys: Various Exercises

Condition: Cluster Migraines


E.F. suffered from cluster migraines for 4 years. She would get 2 - 3 migraines daily and the migraines affected the quality of her life. 

Prior to Dr.Shin, E.F. tried fixing her headaches by going to the headache specialists and taking various medications. She tried oxygen therapy which seemed to help but the migraines would come back. Her last straw was when her specialist tried to put her on Lithium.

E.F. went out and started searching for a natural way of healing since all the medication had failed and she did not want to be on old/new medications.That’s when her friend suggested looking into integrative medicine.

Dr.Shin kept E.F.’s migraine and headaches down to 1 - 2 years apart which was life changing for her! When there was a family tragedy, Dr.Shin was there to emotionally support her and keep the migraine under control. Dr.Shin has improved E.F.’s daily life. 

“Dr.Shin is one of the nicest doctors I’ve ever gone to. He’s a wealth of knowledge, but still humble.”

One of the most important changes E.F. experienced, other than the headache being gone, is that she  can now wake up and go without having to worry about her headaches. She has the freedom to go about her daily routines worry free. 

E.F. comes to see Dr.Shin for maintenance visits.

Sung Choi