Limited Mobility, Knee and Back Pain


C.W., Age 49 Project Manager

Enjoys: Running

Condition: Limited Mobility, Knee Pain & Back Pain


One of C.W.’s favorite activities is running. She had to cut down on running due to limited mobilities in her knees as well as pain in her knees and pain in her lower back. She tried Cortisone shots and Orthovisc shots in her knees. She also tried a shot in her back. They helped but the pain kept on returning.  

C.W. found Dr.Shin through a friend. After Dr.Shin’s treatments, she gained overall strength, flexibility, and mobility. Dr.Shin listened to C.W.’s symptoms and concerns closely and has helped her tremendously. 

“I love Dr.Shin and the entire staff. They are so kind, caring, and fun! :) ”

C.W. is able to do deep squats and standing quad stretches that she has not been able to do for a long time. 

C.W. comes to see Dr.Shin for maintenance visits.

Sung Choi