Low Back Pain


L.B., Age 72 Retired Teacher/Bookkeeper

Enjoys: Racquetball & Pickleball

Condition: Low Back Pain (Old Injuries & Surgeries)


About 10 years ago, L.B. fell and broke her back. The surgeon installed rods and pins but then had to go back to remove them due to sepsis. Later on she had a spinal fusion then a right knee replacement. 

When  L.B. came to see Dr.Shin, she was complaining of lower back pain from old injuries and surgeries. She tried chiropractor and orthopedics but did not find herself getting better 100%. 

After Dr.Shin’s treatments, he reduced her pain and helped with increased mobility. She can now walk without pain and exercise and participate in sports with less pain. She loves playing racquetball and pickleball (Shin Center staff are trying to get her into participate in competitive Pickleball tournaments.)

“Dr.Shin keeps me moving, he’s a miracle worker.”

Like many others, L.B. comes in for maintenance visits.

Sung Choi