Headache, Neck Pain, Extreme Stress


L.M., Age 61 MD, Gastroenterologist

Enjoys: Walks, Aqua Aerobics

Condition: Headache, Neck Pain, Extreme Stress

L.M. came to see us after a very rough year. She moved back to New Jersey from California to take care of her sick sister. The extreme stress caused her to have severe headaches and neck pain. A neurologist prescribed medications, that she never took, and massage therapy offered minimal relief. Linda was desperate to find help.

While being massaged, her therapist suggested she come see Dr. Shin. He was able to determine that most of L.M.’s issues were stress related. 

“His excellence has helped me beyond the art and Science of medicine as we know it”

After the first visit, she saw improvement in her symptoms. After her fourth and final visit, she was almost symptom free. 

“Dr. Shin’s expertise allowed me to remember the true healing in medicine. He changed my life!”

Sung Choi