Reflux, Varicose Vein Surgery Healing, Severe Allergies


L.K. Age 60 Teacher

Enjoys: Walking

Condition: Reflux, Varicose Vein Surgery Healing, Severe Allergies

In 2013, L.K. was diagnosed with Reflux and was prescribed medications to help control it. After some time, there was no improvement in her symptoms. Her GI doctor said she could possibly have Crohn's disease, and wanted her to take more medications, but L.K. refused. She  was also having issues with varicose veins in her leg. She had had surgery to remove the vein and the wound wasn’t healing properly.

L.K. came in to see Dr. Shin and after an assessment, he realized she had a parasite in her gut, not Crohn’s. He started her on a detox diet and prescribed  natural remedies to clear up the parasites. As a result, her allergy symptoms were reduced, her asthma is better, and she is taking less medications. L.K. can now go out to eat without worrying about where the bathroom is. Dr. Shin also  treated the surgery wound, and now it is finally fully healed. 

Dr. Shin makes me feel like I am in control of my health.”

L.K. is back to her daily walks, and comes in for maintenance.

Sung Choi