Knee Pain / Shoulder Arthritis / Chronic Back Pain


M.L., Age 66 Retired CPA

Enjoys: Golf/Working Out/PickleBall

Condition: Knee Pain / Shoulder Arthritis / Chronic Back Pain


M.P. came to see Dr.Shin with the history of right meniscus removal surgery, right and left shoulder arthritis which affected his range of motion, and chronic back issues.

M.P. tired cortisone shots which did not help. He tried physical therapy which helped relieve some pain but he needed guidance in helping with his overall body.

A friend referred M.P. to see Dr.Shin. After several treatments, M.P. no longer had pain in his right shoulder. PRP procedure kept his knee healthy for a long time and lateral movements in his knee has returned. Dr.Shin incorporated his Integrative Sports Medicine (ISM) treatments with PT to help maintain his body after injury.

“I check with Dr.Shin before everything. He works well with my other specialists.”

Now that M.P. can keep healthy, he is more active than he could have been without seeing Dr.Shin. He is back to working out and playing pickleball and golf without much discomfort.

M.P. comes to see Dr.Shin for maintenance visits.

Sung Choi