Extreme Neck Pain


A.D., Age 39 Retired NFL Player/
Director of Student Athlete Support and Community Engagement 

Enjoys: Football

Condition: Extreme Neck Pain

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A.D. suffered from extreme neck pain 8 years post NFL retirement. He dealt with the pain for sometime until one day, he had a bad episode which sent him to the hospital. At this moment, A.D. knew he had to take control of his pain. He tried massages, chiropractor visits, and steroids and epidural shots but did not find much relief.

When A.D. shared his agony to a current NFL player who was routinely seeing Dr.Shin, the player convinced him to try Dr.Shin’s Integrative Sports Medicine (ISM) approach. Through the treatments, Dr.Shin was able to help A.D. with pain management. He got back to being active with his wife and family and is able to provide them with mental and physical support.

“I’m able to go about my day by managing my pain instead of my pain managing me.”

A.D. never stopped being a good husband and a loving father because of his pain; but, after Dr.Shin’s treatments, he is able to enjoy various activities with his family members.

A.D. comes in for maintenance visits every month.